Looking for a CS Cart Programmer for a Client

I installed CS-Cart 2.0.7 for a client about 18 months ago and its been working very well. They've gotten to the point where they want some customizations and bug fixes that are beyond my abilities with the cart. We're looking for someone intimately familiar with the cart that can troubleshoot some issues and even build some add-ons for new functionality. This would be an hourly job whenever there is something they need. Some examples:

Sometimes international customers get a “we have no shipping options for that location” message when trying to buy.

They want a module to be able to add videos from Vimeo to their products and category pages

They need to create coupon codes that are beyond my understanding on how to create.

If you are interested, please email me with your qualifications at chad [at] encaffeinated /dot\ com

You are double posting… That's a no-no…