Look For: ADDON - Image Gallery

Is there an addon available for an image gallery where you could use the content area as a gallery page?


It’s been a few weeks so I thought I’d put though a quick bump.

I did find the following link however with no details or a demo it is hard to work out how it suits. I emailed them a week or so ago but haven’t had a reply so am unsure if this is active.


Take a look here:

[url]Search results

Thanks, they look close to what I am after however they seem more like rotators rather then image galleries. Do you have anything specific to a gallery using something such as jquery fancybox on the large view and images managed via the admin?


Please contact our dev department and describe as detailed as possible your needs.

Also some live examples are usefull.

[url]CS-Cart Development | CS-Cart Add-ons