Logo URL

How do I change the URL that is used whenever someone clicks on the logo?

Edit top.tpl to adjust to your needs.


I found the file, but am unsure which bit to adjust?


now the logo goes to mysite.com/mysite.com

any ideas?

so I removed the url completely, ie no link with logo, just the image. and nothing changed! Every page still shows a url with the logo.

skins / basic / customer / top.tpl


how is this happening?

Did you clear your cache? Did you edit your skin you are using?


how do I clear the cache?

yes it is the correct skin

To clear cache in admin



can anyone explain why the problem does not appear today, but nothing has changed since I finished modifying yesterday (when it was still a problem). It's like it took 24hrs for the changes to take effect. Likewise, I modded for the facebook etc 'like' on product_info, saw no change yesterday, today it is changed.

could be your browser cache.