Logo Size And Fluid Width

With the latest version (4.1.2) can anyone tell me how I can change the size of the logo…can't find the css for it anywhere…and make the site fluid with of 100%

I have been with cs-cart since the very beginning and I have to say they have made it harder and harder to do anything with it. I also run forums and forum software use templates and css systems that make it so easy to create incredible sites but why does cs-cart have to make it so darn hard…get rid of smarty and create a designing system like Xenforo for example

Anyway, if anyone can help with the above I would be grateful…thanks


The size of the logo is automatically generated according to the logo image uploaded in Theme Editor

But you can override styles by adding to css styles
width: 100%!important;
height: auto!important;

I hope that helps,


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Thanks Val, I would have thought there would already be some kind of css for the logo to make it the size that it is. When uploading the logo using the theme editor it seems to be resized however if you then copy over the file with a larger image the logo remains smaller by the software which is why I thought there must be some code/css that is making the logo a specific size and thus it would be more efficient to change that. The logo template sets the size by referring to:


so $logos.theme.image.image_x must be set as a number somewhere

Now the biggest challenge is how to make the style fluid before I just get so frustrated with cs-cart and dump it and go to some other cart software

Can you please PM url to check ?

Hi Val

When viewing the properties of the logo image it is saying: 400px × 120px (scaled to 200px × 60px)

The dev site is http://www.clearprop.com.au/shop_new/

Here is a link to my current live site which is what I want to update to the latest version of cs-cart and it looks very similar to my forums sites:


So I would like to completely customise the look of the new version to look like my forum site at:


but it looks like cs-cart just does not lend itself any more to customising it unless you are a million dollar developer…time to look elsewhere for something that is more admin friendly…anyone want to buy a lifetime license of cs-cart, yes I have been with cs-cart since the very first release but like many others I know off, have just gone elsewhere now.

Here is some screen shots of how easy it is to customise an Xenforo forum into something extraordinary…so easy anyone could do it plus it woulod make cs-cart the leader in cart software because it would be easy for admin people to use and customise to what they want. There are overall style properties for just about everything that you can change to suit. You can then change individual templates for every section of the site and you can see which ones you have edited. The biggest power is that each section/area have their own css templates…it is so so so easy, and powerful plus efficient as only the css templates for what the user is viewing are pulled up increasing site speed and reducing bandwidth:

[attachment=7680:1.jpg] [attachment=7682:2.jpg] [attachment=7683:3.jpg] [attachment=7684:4.jpg] [attachment=7685:5.jpg] [attachment=7686:6.jpg] [attachment=7687:7.jpg]