Logo PSD files needed


Unfortunately my generated PNG files not so good.

I want to modify electro skin logo according to my site name

PSD files or another original source available ? Where?

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You can’t edit this file, you’d need the font even if you had in in psd.

Easy way to make a quick logo:

Find a font that you like and looks good with your shop name (check the fonts you already have or sites like www.myfonts.com).

Type your company name (or whatever) in an image editing program like fireworks, photoshop, irfanview, etc and edit to your liking.

Save it as Alpha transparant PNG

Thank you.

I’ve designed mylogo as jpg … bmp with my popular picture editor. My logo ok.

Image copied and pasted as new image with msOffice PhotoEditor. Transparency adjusted. and saved as png.

But appearance not so good on my site. edges squared. transparency distored on edges.

I think msOffice PhotoEditor may be not Alpha PNG generator.

Do you suggest good Alpha PNG generator ?

I use Fireworks, which I find much easier and faster then Photoshop for web graphics.

Irfanview is a good, free editor. Not sure if it can save alpha transparant png though but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Gimp is also good, with lots of features and free :slight_smile:

Fireworks CS3 generated PNG excellent. Absolutely no problem. Thank you very much.