Logo/header/search block questions

Hi everyone!

New to CS-Cart with some design questions.

Using version 3.0.2

My logo is cutting into the search box, I tried to increase the size of the logo area but that did nothing, it keeps going back to the original.

I tried moving the search box to another grid, it keeps going back to the original.

I know it's an error between the user and keybaord but can't figure out where.

Can someone help?

Almost forgot to ask, how can I insert a “home” nav button




When you say you tried to move it, what do you mean?

Did you try it via CSS or via the grid system of the v.3?

Are you familiar with the grid system?

You should have each element in a separate grid that has the proper width adding all together to 16.

And then you can set a class for each grid in order to resize for example the search input field.