Logo doesn't display on PDF invoice

When I PDF an invoice, the logo that I set in Admin > Design > Logos > Logo for Invoices is not appearing. Just an image that has a gray background and green paint splatter on it. See attachment for example.

Is there a solution for this? I can find similar threads but they have no resolution.


I had that problem to and nobody gave me a solution, but a develloper in this forum (Joe) fixed that for me, I just don’t know how he did it. You can ask him, hi’s email is joe @ ehermon.com

Thanks. I will email the user for help. If anyone else has an ideas, please let me know.

I just encountered this problem again but found the solution very easly, On my server, I had the image hotlinking proteccion on, when I disabled it the invoice logo showed up again, hope it helps someone :wink:

Hi, I had the same issue, resolved it by changing logo for invoices, it seems that the pdf generate doesn't support png so I used jpg only for invoices, it's working, but the logo quality is not top.