Login Location CS3


I am trying to create a more obvious Login link at the top of the page, but I cannot

find anything in blocks that will allow me to create it. Any ideas?

Are you just wanting to have a text-link to the login page? Or a pop-up to display the login fields?

Guess it also depends on what skin you are using, but it should be easy enough to add the My Account block to wherever you wish. Or you could create a Menu block, position it where you want and then add the log-in page to that menu.


Thank you for the response. I would like a login box (user name and password) to show in the quick links area (Grid 10). If I have the My Account link expanded, it drops the page down too far. I do not see, nor do I see how, to create just the login in the blocks section.

As default there isn't a block for the log-in form, but it's simple enough to create. Here's an old thread based on V2 - login form - but the principles are the same for V3 and you'll probably find most of the variables are the same, although if you trace through the existing my_account.tpl in V3, you shouldn't have too many problems.