Login link miss beahaviour issue/ my account link


I want to display on my cs cart show a link to login as a text not icon eg. login-en
Or could be a good solution to be a text and icon
see here a demo Sign in
when I am already logged as user when click on Sign in
it redirects me to home page no message that as user I am already logged in.
This is confusing for users, they don t know if they are login or not
they might think that the link is not working as they are redirected to homepage.
Why it is this behavior of login page?
Can you come with improvements?
there is My account with links that behave normally but I don t see a way to display them in a different way for example horizontally and place them on top right of the page

I think you should rethink the login and do it more friendlyeg. if is not logged it to show sign in
if is logged in to show my account/profile

It seems kind of logical to me. If customer has inputted wrong login/pasword, he gets notified and stays on the login page. If he inputs correct one, he is logged in, and there’s no point in notifying him about this.

If you think it’s necessary, you can ask a developer to add such notification, or add it yourself if you have some programming skills.

@soft-solid what is the point if you click on sign in if you are already logged in Sign in to be redirected to home page?

I think, you should change the following template to change this behaviour


Unfortunately, I cannot assist you with third party themes.

@CS-Cart_team it is default behaviour in cs cart cart regardless of theme.
The URL I provided is to give you a demo as was easier for me.
I could install any version of cs cart from 4.15.x to 4.16.x and is the same issue.

There are some aspects of cs cart as this one that despide of evolution of cs cart it has some drawbacks that you don t find in other platforms. It is an essential part of UX user experience.
The fact that user/customers of cs cart didn t mention doesn t mean that they didn t face the issue. The issues are there and you can chose to improve cs cart or put the mud under the carpet and say is from our neighbour

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I cannot reproduce the behavior with redirect to the homepage on our dev demo:

Could you please try to reproduce it there?

As for notifications, this is a matter of taste. Personally, I do not like getting a notification for every action I take, as it distracts me from the goal I came here for. But maybe I missed your point.

Yes I do reproduce here also

before you are logged in eg. here Sign in
it show up a form to login

After you logged in and click on Sign in
it redirect you to home page

It would be good to redirect you to your profile or instead of showing login to show my account or something to know that you are already logged in.

The following notification appears once you are logged in:

You have been successfully logged in.

As for the redirect, I cannot confirm that the current behavior is working incorrectly in any way. Most customers who log in to their accounts do so to browse the catalog, not to update their profile.

What happens when you are already logged in and click on sign in as it doesnt show any message.
I dind t see any ecommerce platform that you click sign in and are directed to home/index page. Can you tell me one?

This page is not available to the already authorized customers, so it simply returns them to the home page. Is there a reason why the link to this page is still available in your store for customers who have already logged in?

By default, this link is being removed from the My Account block once customer is logged in.

I didn t find a way to display My Account block in a more flexible way to display where I want for example top right and links to be displayed horizontally not vertically.
Thus I created the link for sign in to display where I want

Also for some user the icons of my account might not be intuitive in a sense that it would better to be also a text under the icon

In this case I can recommend you to wrap the link to the registration page into the following condition (make sure you are using the HTML block with Smarty support):

{if !$auth.user_id}