Logging in at other locations?

I suspect it carries little risk, but can I securely login to my cs admin site from another location, say at a hotel somewhere from a public computer? Should be no different than any other login, correct?

Thanks for any advice.

unless i missed something else this great cart has, i can only login from this 2 IP locations, BUT I have set it up that way. Prior to my access restrictions I had setup on my server, I could login from any terminal.

so my guess is there are no issues with logging in from anywhere UNLESS you made your own changes

It would be better if you set your admin pages to use HTTPS.

mike - Point taken on the IP, maybe something to look at in the future.

argent - Already use https, thanks.

I can login from work, home, anywhere with my laptop… Probably just like everyone else can if they haven’t set it up differently. Just wondered if there were issues with cs when using a public computer for admin.

Thanks again for the responses.