Locked myself out of the admin

Actually my client deleted me as the admin (with all privileges) and now the only way we can login to the back-end admin is with his login which uses limited privileges and does not include the privilege of assigning privileges. So now I can't enable more functionality because no one has privileges to manage privileges. Make sense? What are my options?? Help!!!

It's impossible, unless deleted directly from the database, to remove the 'root' admin. You can check this in the database cscart_users table, 'user_id' = 1 and 'is_root' value = Y. The 'root' admin can set permissions for other administrators, nobody else…probably because the user group permission 'Manage user groups' doesn't do anything unless you are the 'root' admin user.

If user_id = 1 does not exist, create it. If 'is_root' exists but with a user_id of anything but 1, change the user_id to '1' and then you should be able to get back in. Backup the database before you do anything crazy, mind.

That helped, thank you!!