Locations vs. Localizations

Ok, I’m a little confused with Locations vs. Localization.

Here’s what I want to do:

Our store is in Canada, and we would like to ship to Canada only, but would like anyone in the world to be able to browse our website, just not able to purchase outside of Canada.

Is “localization” really important, cause I don’t feel like going through each and every single product and menu item to add it to localization. Plus I can’t seem to “check out” when localizations is enabled. hmm…?


Location = Physical

Localization = Languages for Physical Location.





If Country = CA,

If State = Quebec,

Language = French


Language = English

End If

If country = Italy

Language = Italian


Language = English

End If

Hope this clears up for you :slight_smile:

Ok, so if our website is only gonna be in english, I don’t need to touch Localizations?

[quote name=‘fishtail’]Ok, so if our website is only gonna be in english, I don’t need to touch Localizations?[/quote]

nope, but it helps if you are selling in multiple currencies :slight_smile:

Doesnt help much, because you only enter the product pricing in the default strore currency.

Anyone know of an addon that can manage the Product pricing, with currency so the custommer can be shown the the correct price.?

I gave up on locations because of this shortcoming.

@remoteone - Not sure I understand your question. The data for the store (admin area and payment providers) is in the Primary currency (the store currency). A user can select whatever currency you have configured and they will see all prices in that currency (including their invoices).

This has nothing to do with Localization (well, it can but hasn't yet worked reliably) nor for Locations. It is a function of selecting the currency from the drop-down in the top menu area (unless you have modified your templates).