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I am trying to remove pricing information from one of my 4 shops and need to hide/remove pricing details for the products page and the featured items on the home page. I have tested a number of files in the FIle Editor area but only managed to find the ones that fixed the Search and Category pages to remove Pricing details.

I still need to fix the products page and the featured items on the home page. Any clues to the location of the files I need to fix.

The attached image shows the location of the material I am looking to remove in the brown box. It is at another shop but showed clearer the details.

Thanks in anticipation, Fran

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.41.59 pm.jpg

By default you can find here for cs.cart v4.x


{assign var="discount_label" value="discount_label_`$obj_prefix``$obj_id`"}
{$smarty.capture.$discount_label nofilter}

#List Price
{if $smarty.capture.$old_price|trim || $smarty.capture.$clean_price|trim || $smarty.capture.$list_discount|trim}

{if $smarty.capture.$old_price|trim}{$smarty.capture.$old_price nofilter} {/if}

#You Save
{if $smarty.capture.$old_price|trim || $smarty.capture.$clean_price|trim || $smarty.capture.$list_discount|trim}
{$smarty.capture.$clean_price nofilter}
{$smarty.capture.$list_discount nofilter}


I hope that helps,


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Vali, Thanks for the help.

I hate to admit it I was fixing this without saving the current file first. Not good as I was on the phone for work too and got interrupted a lot.

Started well - Amended the code with for the discount label to disappear by just hiding ( the code. PERFECT thanks.

However I have mucked up the pricing part and ended up with an error. I tried to revert to an earlier one I had saved on my computer ages ago. It clearly was not right as there was not even the discount on the image showing. Or the code you mentioned about the discount.

Cleared cache loads of times.

It now looks like this on the actual page.

http://www.roommates…product_id=1798 (example with discount)

http://www.roommates…w&product_id=81 (example with comment - this works when the pricing is zero for this one store only. Sometimes the zero does not hold so we have to have a price - why it is in white to match the background.)

  • If you run your mouse of the right hand side you will see the price or comment as I made the font white ages ago to make it not so obvious.

    -Also problems with the → showing above the product image and below the picture. However there is only one note in the file at

    [size=4]File editor blocks / default_template.tpl [/size]

    which says on line 20. So odd that there are 2 → rendered on one of the pages and one on the other page.

    Also the “Add to wish list” has moved into a grey block across the page. It used to be just a line of text up with the pricing I was trying to hide and the product code.

    I tried a number of the default_template.tpl files - problem is I have 4 shops with different themes so easy to get muddled up.

    Any way any suggestions on how to move forward and remove the pricing info, errors I added with the → and discount text?

    Or does your firm do work like this? I would love the page to have the picture on one side and the product code, wish list and the description text all on the right instead of below.

    I would not expect it to be a big job so if it is not expensive it might be better to do it this way.

    thanks Fran

Please try to comment tpl by adding
more details here Chapter 3. Basic Syntax | Smarty



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You are so helpful.

I totally surrounded the comment with the code provided and it removed the → showing. “Happy Dance”.

Home time here now so I can avoid making any more problems and you have a great day.

Thanks again!! Fran