Location/localization/payments checkout problem


cutting to the chase, my problem is this.

I have set up 3 localizations, one for my country, Zone 1, Zone 2.

I have set up 3 different shipping methods for each one that work properly.

My problem is with the payment method. There is a special paying method that I only want to use for my country - for cash on delivery.

While in the checkout, if you change a country, to something other than mine, then this method also appears.

This leads me to think, that changing the country in the checkout doesn't also change localization, but stays the same as the one selected. The thing is, is this thing any accurate? And what if a customer is on a trip and wants to order for another country? I had the same issue with the shipping methods, but I managed to solve that since you can also set countries for shipping.

So, what is the solution here? Is there a way for an automatic change of localization when changing location and/or pick countries in which the payment method will appear?

So I guess, unless it is decided to also put location selection in shipping methods there has to be a workaround like:

if (country!='Greece') {$payment_id SKIP}

Can anyone put this into smarty code? I have a million things going on around here and this is not something I want to start learning at this point.