Location Difference Within Cs-Cart's File Explorer

It has been a boon for me for many years now since we started using CS Cart as our stores e-com platform. I am talking about the

actual location of the image files that you upload via the buildin WYSIWYG CS Cart file explorer and the files on the actual server where the CS Cart is running on.

Let me explain

If I wish to upload a new banner or new product image I am really lost sometimes where CS Cart is putting the image file on the server.

The buildin WYSIWYG file explorer of CS Cart only allows me to view

Private and Public files

Private files located in (sub)directories .exim and .google_sitemap of which .exim has a child directory backup and this as child directory called images.

Where are my banners that I have uploaded before have gone? Why cannot I use the file build in file explorer to view just those directories that in my honest opinion matter like:

the directories in the root of any CS Cart installation namely .img .images for these same purposes.

I have uploaded banners before but since I am in the upgrading process of upgrading our current Unitheme 1.0 to 2.0 (or v1 to v2) I again have to upload the banner images again >????