Location block


I want to have under the categories a differend block of text.

Must i make now under the category a new block?

I think Yes, But how to activate this block for this categorie(s)?

How to delete the location in blocks?

If i make now a new location in the block then i cant delete them.



I'm not sure, did you pay someone to answer your question within four hours?

If they want, Yes. But its from yesterday.

I Have look on div. places and cant find it… Where the F to delete it?

Ik cant find to delete the 'add location' blocks. Where or how to delete.


have you tried deleteing all content and see if it disappears

When you click on the location tab gear/cog icon, in the pop up edit screen there is a trash can icon in the lower right corner.

Hi The Tool,


So simpel and so hard to find.

Thanks a lot.

ps. Johnbol1, thank you also.