Localization on storefront

Hi, I am trying to understand the role of having the localization drop-down on the storefront which seems to be the default setting.

Is this for the customer to choose where they are from? I would have thought that customers are too intrested (or should be) in browsing your site and buying products and not selecting their localization?

I am not sure if I am missing something? I have the situation where some of our products cannot be sold in Australia (regulatory reasons) but we can sell them overseas. So I have 2 localizations; 1 for Australia and one for the rest of the world. If my default localization is Australia, then the rest of the world can’t see certain products that they are “allowed” to buy. Does this mean they would have to change their localization to “the rest of the world”? Vice versa if default localization is rest of world for australian customers.

I have also noted that on a whole bunch of the live cs cart stores no one uses the localization option on their storefront.

I need to use localizations for different shipping methods etc, I just don’t really understand how a customer browsing the store is expected to be viewing the correct localization and I don’t like the idea of the customer selecting a localization.

Thanks for any advice, I’m only new to all of this,



The localization feature was introduced relatively recently so are not familiar with its use and others simply have no need.

Your customer would need to change their localization if they are not in the default. It is really no different than having to select a different currency in many stores.

For better clarity, you can change “Localization” to “Your location”. In Content->Languages, search for “localization” and change the value for the language variable ‘localization’.


Thanks for the info Bob that helps.

CS cart help desk have also advised that for my situation it would be better to disallow shopping for unlogged customers, as once the customer is logged in his/her profile would detemine localization to be used, displaying products according to my settings. I still don’t think this is ideal as many customers won’t necessarily want to register.

I was wondering what happens currently for people who don’t have the localization feature. How are localizations handled? For instance, I also use it to set up different mailing options, Australia specific ones and then “rest of the world” specific.



I have a problem with “Remember me” during login.

I don’t want to use any Localization, so I turned it off. And I noticed, that CS-Cart doesn’t recognize me when I come back to the store.

Is it due to Localization is not set or I have another problem?

I am Macuser, Safari 4.0.4, Cookies set on.