Localization issues

Hi all, is it just me or…

I have a problem that is due to the Localizations, when some customers shop with us and proceed to the check out it tells some that we don't ship to there location???

some times it can be a house less than 50 miles away. This is really driving me mad as we are now loosing quite a few orders due to this.

I have asked CS Cart to look into it but they have come back and said theer is no bug it is due to “Most probably your customers have dynamic IP addresses”

Has anyone else had an issue like this that they have managed to solve or can anyone shine any light on a possible solution please.


would be most greatful.

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You mention “Localization”, but shipping uses “Locations”. The two do not intersect that I'm aware of. Locations are based on the shipping address and localizations are set based on the IP and impact language and currency.

Can you clarify?

Hi tbirnseth, many thanks for your reply, all I know is it is an issue with Localizations… CS Cart have inserted a Localizations block to the top of our site so if it is set incorrect customers can set it to the correct country, but this has made no difference… as the correct localization is showing when I have a report of this issue.