I’m trying to do the Upgrade through the Upgrade Center. I’ve set all the permissions for the files that were required and now it’s saying that local_conf.php is not set. There is no local_conf.php… There’s a config.local.php. I can’t run the Upgrade without this file being set.

Is this a bug in the Upgrade? I searched these forums and all I see is that the upgrade center apparently doesn’t work. Has that been fixed yet?

Please advise.

It is config.local.php. Just set it to 666 and back to 644 after the upgrade

It still says:

The following files do not have write permissions. You need to set these permissions manually or use FTP to access the files (if not used already)


I set the permissions to 666 and 777 but the file names aren’t matching up.

Never mind I just spent the day doing a manual install