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Every time I do an update to a product or a category in the back end, the message: “Loading… Your request is being processed, please wait” appears and takes almost 3 to 4 Minutes to refresh the page, even when the info was updated in the DB just seconds after the submit button is pressed. Any ideas what may be happening???:confused:


I think there are other posts about this annoyance, but what I have done to help speed it up is to clear the cache in admin.

add the &cc after the admin.php? address (insert questionmark if it isnt already there)


I find that I have to do this most everyday in order to keep the problem you describe from happening.

You just disable the ajax from dynamic html.

First one worked for me, Not quite what i was expecting, but it works…

thanks both for your quick reply…

I have the same issue.

Particularly, when i logging in to admin area.