"Loading" sticks on product detail page when changing options

Hi Guys,

I have a weird issue - I’ve customised the product detail page using a hook. On my localhost it works fine. On my hosting however, when changing an option, it gets stuck on “loading” I figured this may be a hosting setting, but when I removed the customised hook it works correctly - very strange.

I have checked the code and I have only changed the order of things and as far as I can see, I haven’t missed anything - any ideas?

I’ve put the code into a pastebin:


Any help is much appreciated.

I've narrowed this down a little more - it only does this when the options change the price seemingly - hope someone is able to help!

I was going to try to help you out but then I saw all that code its to much lol.

I would suggest providing a link to your page, it will be easier to diagnose.

In the end I re-did the page using much lighter code and so far it seems to be working a lot better :).