Load jQuery Picker with Custom Data?

Hi All,

Is it possible to load html from within the popup window that CS-Cart uses. (previewer)


I got the popup with the picker.js working for my checkout page. By now it does only work for carts in one language, but this is a start.

This is what I did.

Because I don’t know how to target just the content of a page without all the blocks around, I made a new template under /my_changes which I called terms.tpl with just the formatted text of our terms and conditions in it.

(Perhaps someone else knows, so that we can target the content of the original page which could be shown in different languages?)

I made a new language variable called “terms_n_conditions” with the text: “Terms and Conditions”.

I backed up the file skins/your_skin/customer/views/checkout/summary.tpl and went to:

and changed it to

because it’s still needed for getting an error message if someone does not check the checkbox.

After this code I added:

{* Terms and Conditions by Miss Marple *}
{script src="js/picker.js"}
{script src="js/jquery.easydrag.js"}
{capture name="notes_picker"}

{include file="my_changes/terms.tpl"}

{$lang.checkout_terms_n_conditions}{include file="common_templates/popupbox.tpl" act="notes" id="content_`$id`_notes" text=$text content=$smarty.capture.notes_picker link_text=$lang.terms_n_conditions link_meta="text-button"}
{* End Terms and Conditions by Miss Marple *}
I took the code for this from the file skins/your_skin/customer/common_templates/help.tpl.