Load Blocks On Ajax

Sorry for my English.
Hello. Interested include the output of these blocks
For the same price
Similar items
viewed products
by JS.
Everyone knows that these widgets generated a relatively long time and greatly affect the speed of loading pages.
An idea to generate these blocks by JS on scroll.
Here is an example http://ru.aliexpress.com/item/free-shipping-1-6-Scale-Jason-Statham-Head-Sculpt-head-carving-For-Hot-Toys-Muscular-Body/32389748873.html.
Turning the pages down, "the company Similar products" is generated when a user gets a screen widget block.
Ie to include on-demand generation unit, not the page is loaded.
How to do it?

We can offer you our custom development service. We failed to find ready-to-use module on the marketplace