Live Search Not Working

Hello Everyone,

My website the main search bar not working. for example : when i search with the word MENS it shows the other category products. before the search works fine now it has been stopped. If anyone know the solution please help me its top urgent.

The third party tool Ecom-Lab live search has been used, and when i disable the add-on. the search is not working same result aim getting with different products.



As far as I can see, products in search results have the Dimensions word in description

But why this behavior is there can one one gave me the solution. How to stop this type of behavior in search. The search criteria need to provide me the exact result.

Please anyone gave me the solution.

My domain

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Our free module uses default CS-Cart search algorithms. Changes in the code are required to change this behaviour

Hello Sir,

What code need to change and which file has to change. please gave me the solution with code.

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We can rework the module according to your needs. Please use link in my signature to get a quote