Live jewelry site.

Hi all,

After a nice amount of effort I’ve finally put cs-cart v2.1.2 live today, still needs some work but mostly done :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think and if you see any errors.

Online jewelry store - selling high quality silver and gold jewelry

Nice job… I like the look

Very very nice :wink: You could just change the “Powered by Shopping cart software” to your shop’s name and put your favicon, to give it a little touch

The ‘Track order’ link doesn’t work [url][/url]

Your Search icon wraps in Firefox on Mac.

Look below the category dropdown u see the top of the magnifying glass icon


Thanks for the input guys it’s much appreciated.

Also you could change your basket favicon icon. It is located at “/skins/projection/customer/images/icons/favicon.ico”

Also, dump the yellow bar in this image


Lots of work to be done, I’ve implemented most of the recommendations posted in this thread :slight_smile: thanks again guys.

I’m having one issue when I view my site in IE compatibility mode the the 2 right links in the top menu are shown below the top menu, anyone have any idea why this is so ?

Iv’e done some more modifications to my site, the following is a short list:

  1. Custom template for the product detail page( alternating background for each feature, moved features and description out of tabs and more) sample with ratings
  2. Customized the cart page moving things around for a more customer friendly experience.
  3. Modified the category pages see here

    Critiques are welcome :).

    We get very few visitors currently which i don’t mind so much however I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to improve my SEO in order to get more generic visitors.

    A Happy and Blessed New Years to everyone !

Get links in and ensure that your page content is relative to the search words you would expect people to be searching for. Those are the top 2 SEO criteria. But it’s hard to do right. But any other SEO work you try to do will be futile if those 2 aren’t done right.

Note also that posting your products to Google Base, Yahoo Shopping, Bing and other engine sites will help too. Publishing to pay sites such as and will also help your “links in”.

Good luck, it’s a long and painstaking process. And then, once you have the above 2 optimized, they wil want your content to change to keep your ranking… Go figure.

Thanks tbirnseth.

Was always wondering if posting products on shopping sites would increase my google ranking, thanks for the tip :slight_smile: