Live help unresponsive

I can connect to live help fine. but its unresponsive. I did some test were i clicked on live help and it was unresponsive on both ends. W

I can connect to to the conversation. But i cannot type, nothing shows and thats on both ends.


Once you connect to the conversation, there is a little icon abovethe chat box in the Live Help Client that says Start Chat. You need to click that to be able to begin typing.

I myself have another issue with live chat, initially when it was installed it ran fine, then i uninstalled a few older programs and its now messed up.

Basically 2 issues

  1. everytime i launch it, it tells me it cannot connect as it has to have my domain url input again, after which it lets me connect to it (the live chat is installed on my laptop and works great, no issues like this)

  2. the colors are all messed up, i have tried changing the default colors, but i think that is not whats happened.

    See attached images

    Any help is greatly appreciated in advance!