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What file controls showing the live help picture and the number of operators online and available? I want to center “Operators Online” and “Free Operators”. I cannot find what controls this.


Thank you very much Matt!

Very nice shop, congratulations.

Found some errors in source code:

#007 Begin →


if you want to comment out somethimg in HTML:

correctly: , or more better:
Operators Online:

implement flash to be valid XHTML:

copy your flash file into images dir
adjust width, height to your needs



use "&" instead of "&"

Thank you so much for the help! I really appreciate it. I am still learning how to do things.

Hi ThomH,

I made the changes. The only one that would not work had to do with my flash item. It would not show any pictures. The coding that I had was supplied by the program that designed it. I did move my .swf file to my images folder, but had to change the code back so it would work. Any suggestions? Also, you said to use “&” instead of “&”. Where did you mean to do that?

Thank you so much!

[quote name=‘aromazona’]Also, you said to use “&” instead of “&”. Where did you mean to do that?[/quote]

In your URL’s

delete that center tag marked in red

Operators Online:

Available Operators:


and there are other commented (not properly) parts:


The “amp” question was responded by Matt

Thank you both of you. I will make the changes. I just have one more question. I hate to be a pain. Can you tell me one page that you saw the “&” in the URL. I must not be understanding correctly. Sorry, I am still a newbie.



1 error

[URL]W3C CSS Validator results for[/URL] (CSS level 2.1)

Home Page

77 errors


Product Details Page

38 errors


Thank you so much for the info. It will be a big help!