Live Help Beta 3

I have downloaded the Live Help Beta 3 for OSX, can someone shed some light on how the Add On appears in the list to install/turn Live Help on?

I have dropped the add on and Var folder on my server as stated in this post but I can't seem to get it to enable?

where have you put the files to?

you should just have to go to settigs > addons and live help will be in the list.

once its installed and activated a new tab should appear at the top that says live help

you can click this ad add operators and stuff.

The you just open the app on your computer and go through the setup proces to connect

it to your store


for OSX


Umm… Maybe you're on the wrong site. This is cs-cart, not OS Commerce

Um, tbirnseth

The clue is in the signature.

Due to the fact I have a CS CART run site and have posted many a question on the forum, it would seem I'm in the correct place?!

But thanks for your input anyhow…

Also, please click on the link in the original post, you'll see that the Live Beta 3 deatails are posted on the CS Cart forum therefore relating it to the CS Cart package which I'm running.

Just checking since you referred to OSX which usually stands for OS Commerce (or OS Commerce Max).

The normal process of an addon is to extract it into the root of your store and it will put its files in the installable locations. It should then show up in Administration/Addons for you to click 'Install'.

You should have an addons//addon.xml file which is read by the Administration/Addons management screen.

I have opened the Mac folder and put them where the folders kind of explained to put them, it has managed to install in admin and I have the tab at the top which states live help. on clicking this I have OPERATORS and CHAT HISTORY, but on clicking those I get a 404 error…?

Slightly confused about what has happened?

Okay, have Live Help working to a point, can respond to the invitation, but the guest's conversation doesn't come through the my help desk screen?

Any thoughts what that may be?

Thanks in advance

Where can i download live help for my mac? and how to setup, i can't seem to find it anywhere…

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Where can i download live help for my mac? and how to setup, i can't seem to find it anywhere…


From in your help desk account under file area.