Live Help Add-on to Be Discontinued


Today, we have an important announcement regarding the Live Help Add-on in CS-Cart.

This add-on will not be included in the future versions of CS-Cart, and its support will be discontinued.

Though it has been included in CS-Cart for many versions, the Live Help add-on has never gotten out of beta, it requires polishing and really tends to consume more human resources than we can afford to spend.

The decision to drop this add-on was not an easy one, but we are sure that it will allow us to work more intensively on other aspects of CS-Cart and have an overall positive effect on the software as a whole.

As an alternative we recommend to use the Olark live chat service. It has proven to be well-integrated with CS-Cart, and we already use at to provide real-time support service.

There are, of course, many more solutions for the same task, and you are free to choose any one you like.

UPD: The add-on is now available at GitHub under MIT and LGPL

I never used csc live chat. May be the third party is good.

We gave up on the livehelp installed in CS. We ended up using, which we ended up getting the multi-site license and have it on all of our sites. We are able to mainain all of our sites from one livehelp at a reasonalbe price that does not nickel and dime me with monthly fees.

We switched to Crafty Syntax for all of our sites. We can use one backend install for every site, it works well.