Live Help abailable for iPhone

It would be awesome if Live Help could somehow be available for the iphone. I don’t have time to sit in front of my PC waiting for a customer, but if there was an app available for the iPhone that would be very nice! :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly :slight_smile:


[quote name=‘gugga7’]exactly :slight_smile:


Well, it can be done now… Kind of… Just install Log Me In on your iPhone and run the CSCART app from your PC. The only problem is sound is not yet supported for the iPhone so you would not hear a bell when a customer comes to the store. But it is at possible to control. Of course it’s not a very pretty way to do it.

Just a thought… Is there some possible way that an email or text message could be sent when the Live Help app pops up on the screen when a visitor comes to the store. For example if the app was minimized in the sys trey and a visitor comes, the app pops up on the desktop. Is there some way an email could be sent when the app pops up. That way you wouldn’t have to sit there looking at the iphone screen the whole time. This of course is assuming you use logmein to use live help. Probably wishful thinking but…