Little Help About $.ceajax('request'

hi i have a problem with returned ajax data

here my js file

(function(_, $){
$(document).on(‘blur’, ‘[name=“payment_info[card_number]”]’, function() {

                    $.ceAjax('request', fn_url('my_changes.identify_cart'), {
                        data: {
                            card_data: {
                                check_card: $('[name="payment_info[card_number]"]').val(),
                                check_price: $('[name="card_total"]').val()
                    result_ids: 'installment'

})(Tygh, Tygh.$);

and php


 if (defined('AJAX_REQUEST')) {
         Tygh::$app['view']->assign('installments', $html);

and tpl file


i check with debug log data turn with installments only doesnt put content to installment div area.

where is wrong ?

also i added payment_methods.tpl

 {$result_ids = "checkout*,step_four,installment"}

nothing ? please help

thanks my god i have fixed with adding another tpl