little bug ?

Hello ( sorry for my bad english )

In new insatll cs 4 i cannot ad or change ( feature ) “brand” or other , i see some bug in demo …

any idea ?



Hello samsam!

I've checked the features in CS-Cart 4 and actually don't see any bug. Features can be added and edited. When you try to edit a feature, make sure you have chosen the right store. Or please explain the problem in more details.

Best regards, Alt-team

Hi … yes yes i try in 1 store eg : simtech…

You can try in demo here


Eg: in Brands or Electronic i cannot change or ad …

That's probably just turned off because that store is in demo mode. You can certainly add/change features in the full version.

NAIR il have the full version… and i have the some problem … :-))

Works fine for me. You add new ones by clicking on the Add button for the last variant in the list. Hover the mouse on it and the add icon appears on the right hand side.

yes you can ad … but u cannot edit … ;-) when created u cannot edit .

Yes you can. Just type what you want into the existing fields and press Save.

Click the expand arrow on the left to show them if the variant is minimised.

hi …naida … thanks for answer … i think other problem

if i use admin panel in english i can edit

but in french cannot … my shop is in french … i try creat e new Brand ( marque ) create ok but edit no !! …

Yes I would agree with that. It seems to work in every language I've tried apart from French.

You should report it as bug - [url=“”][/url]