Lite orange skin

Didn’t like this skin at first sight but it can be adapted to quite a neat (IMO) design:

That looks very nice. Not too soft, not too hard. Thank you for doing that. Are you going to post the skin files for this theme?

nice skin icvetkovic,

echoing mikeK’s question

Um… I hacked it directly, changed files on-the-fly, both tpls and graphics, hard to create some package to attach. How about you go with hacking on your own and I help you out ANY time you need help?? (best through contact form on my site, I’m not very regular here in order to answer pms in timely manner)

vector clip art???

I use to buy a lot of vector art from i stock photo

site looks good i would use it, when your done let me know i can recommend your site to a lot of ppl

are those actually going to be $5?

why do just sell collections? most of the time i just need 1 clip art not 25

you should make all the clip art single pieces

i would change the categories too

over all a great site


we packed them up cause we simply have no time to go one by one. We sell them in the similar way at istock and others and it goes well

we don’t plan to change the prices and as we already added the most popular sets I think that you could already start recommending our site :wink: thanks in advance for that

thanks for kind words re our stuff and suggestions!