Lite Checkout Modifications

Hi,basically I was not happy when new lite checkout was made after 4.10 upgrade,I was considering to use some 3rd party addons,but is there way to change following things in checkout ?

1. Set First name and Last name in two separate columns ?

2.Avoiding disturbing large click button to set location ?

I would like to avoid having to use checkout addon,but how is standart lite checkout configured,it is not good,lot of customers fail to add correct shipping/billing details.Also we have more abandoned carts or unfinished orders.Obviously customers are fighting with checkout form.

CS-CART team,if anybody is reading my post,please think and create better checkout in future versions.Current one is bad !

I have also mentioned in previous posts that in 2022 not auto loading everything at checkout is unacceptable, unless if there are security issues I am not aware of. FYI it is possible to do it, you just have to contact a cs-cart dev to help you with. Down side is that in every update that revises the lite checkout files you have to update the code again

Hi, we customized lite chekout many times.

For example desktop and mobile. here more easy variant.

"Down side is that in every update that revises the lite checkout files you have to update the code again" - better change code files, not overrided by hooks. When you will upgrade need compare changed files and redo changes, if what will do, who done this changes it will be very fast. If you need any changes and you have understanding and algorithm we can help you.

Thanks for your replies,this is what I do not like,updating core files with every upgrade.That´s not good.I decided I want to try to use back again one step checkout from CS-CART ROCKS,we used it in past,I liked it,but after some upgrade it was doing some problems,problems,we did not upgrade plugin.But I think it is easier to upgrade once a while plugin than changing core files with every upgrade.

Another message to cs-cart team: Please work on beter checkout form,the current one is one of the worst and less user friendly checkout.