List product options top to bottom on invoice

I hope this is a simple question. On my current invoices, product options are listed from left to right and separated by comments.

For instance:

[quote]Site: XL, Color: Blue, Express: Yes!, etc, etc, etc[/quote]

They begin to look jumbled up and sometimes my associates who print invoices don't see certain options because they don't STAND out.

I would rather just list them from top to bottom, as so:


Site: XL

Color: Blue

Express: Yes!





Is this possible? I am looking through the templates but can't seem to find the invoice template and what line to edit out that lists each option by a comma.


Hello, ckad79!

You need to find options_info.tpl template (skins/basic/mail/common_templates/options_info.tpl) and find this piece of code

{if !$smarty.foreach.po_opt.last}, {/if}

tag like this

{if !$smarty.foreach.po_opt.last}, 

Best regards, Alt-team