List Price for Options/Variants

Since CS-Cart can’t seem to make up their mind, I am not posting this in here after months of it sitting in the bug tracker as a feature request, only to be closed with complete disregard for the statement that feature requests made before the rule change would automatically be moved into this area.

The Issue is discussed here: [url][/url]

Admins need the ability to alter the list price with each option in a product so that the discount is not affected when priced options are selected.

Admin should also be able to globally turn off the display of retail discounts without the need for code edits while still being able to keep the list pricing in their database.

You can vote for feature in the Ideas forum:



Still nothing on this, two years later? People have been asking for this since v1, and we are on v3. What gives?

I also think that this is absolutely necessary to be add to cs-cart functions…

I contacted CS-Cart about this. They said this change is not going to be in 3.1. I think it is a mandatory change, as it modifies the List Price in an inaccurate way. Has anyone come up with a fix for this? If not, I may have to have it programmed.