List categories on Home Page

Hi :slight_smile:

We’ve been using CS Cart for a while with no problems, but now we’d like to modify some things.

Is there any way to have the Categories List on the Home Page instead of the Welcome text?

We use CS Cart 2.0.9. I read that it’s possible to use the Listmania addon to do it but I haven’t found it in the Administration Panel.

Thanks in advance.


Listmania was replaced by Blocks (Design->Blocks). There have been quite a few code changes so you will not be able to use code for Listmania without modification.


Oh I understand. Thanks for your answer.

I tried to use Blocks first but the list of categories always ends up looking like the list we have on the left side (a menu). It’d be great if it looked exactly like the Categories section. Is it there a way to do it?

Thanks again

ETA: I’ve played with th blocks and found a way to do what I needed.

I added a new block in the central content, named it, and filled it manually with the Products. I did the same for other sections I needed to change. So, it’s solved :slight_smile: thanks for your attention.