links of quick menu items link to wrong pages

Hello all,

I have created some new pages and created some quick menu items to link these page to. However I ran into a problem which might be the standard behaviour of cscart or something else might be goin on.

For instance I created a page called “who are we” for the english language part of the site and named it “wie zijn wij” for the dutch part of the site. So far so good. On the right I see that both pages have a link (english > who-are-we.html and dutch wie-zijn-wij.html) as stated in the yellow box:


Preview: The page can be viewed at URL: /who-are-we.html

This link allows you to view the page as if logged in as the administrator.: /who-are-we.html



De pagina kan bekeken worden op URL:: /verkoopvoorwaarden.html

Via deze link kunt u de pagina bekijken alsof u ingelogd bent als de beheerder.: /verkoopvoorwaarden.html

Now I created a quick menu link called “who are we” and added the link who-are-we.html and for the dutch part “wie zijn wij” with the link wie-zijn-wij.html. Again so far so good.

However when I look at the link of the english menu I see that it has changed to wie-zijn-wij.html and when I change it back to who-are-we.html the dutch link changes to who-are-we.html instead of staying linked to the dutch page.

Is it impossible to have an english language page with it’s own link and a dutch langauge page with it’s own link?

I just noticed that the same issue goes for the top menu:-(.

Should depend on the language selected in the customer view.

I don’t understand what you mean by that. Could you explain?

If I look at the demo store on the cscart site I see for example under Design > Top Menu that the “Company” menu item uses the following link


but where does this link come from?

Because when I look at the page under Content > Pages the menu item refers to a page called “About our company” and the yellow box on the right gives the link [URL]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

This is a totally different link so I don’t understand where this link: index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=3 comes from.

I think if I knew that I could use a similar link and this would solve my issue.

The dispatch=pages.view&page_id=3 is the NON SEO way of getting to the page.

It will work but if you have SEO enabled, using “myseoname.html” (without quotes) should work just as well. If you have it as a sub-page you will need to specify the parent container.

I have the SEO add-on enabled but I can’t seem to get it done on my shop or even on the demo shop on the cs-cart website itself. Do I need to enable something else?



Let’s use the “Contact Us” page as an example.

Go to Content/Pages. Click ‘edit’ for the Contact us page.

Click “addons” in the tabs area near the top of the working area of the page.

Verify that the SEO name is “contact-us” (without quotes).

Click Save.

Click Design/Quick links

Click edit for Contact Us

Enter “contact-us.html” into the URL area.

Click Save

Click view storefront.

Hover your mouse over the Contact us link and it should indicate


Clicking this should take you to the Contact us page.