Links from FaceBook not working.

This is odd. I have a gallery of customer pics on my FaceBook page and in the comments I have a link to where one can purchase the item. But if you click on that link you get a 403 page error. Refreshing doesn’t help. But if you highlight the link in the toolbar and hit return the link functions normally. So the link is working properly…just not from FB.

Here is an example:


I thought it may just be a FB thing where the block outgoing links in comments but I tried adding a link to a site other than my own and it works fine. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Or a fix?

That is odd. If you take off the Facebook redirect code (fb=…) from the URL it works. Don’t know why it doesn’t work with the redirect code there.

Yeah, that’s what I found odd was linking to another site besides my own worked. So I thought it may have something to do with CS.

Just wondering if anyone has seen this other than me or if anyone knows a fix for it. Kind of lame I can’t link to my site from FaceBook.