Links Broken After Hack Attack & Cleanup

After the recent hack attack, cleaning up the mess,renaming the admin panel file names, and changing passwords (all done per ce-cart’s instructions), a lot of the links are broken (admin side as well as web shopping cart), pics missing, and an array of other problems. I have spent the last two days trying to fix and no can do.

I have several support tickets submitted but have heard no response, yet. Getting very frustrated with cs-cart and their help support. :-(

I am not a programming or “fix it” guru, just a person wanting this cart to function without a lot of problems.

Is there anyone out there c-s cart land who can fix these problems for me? :confused:

did you also edit the admin file in config.local.php? Or maybe mess it up while editing it?

Thanks for the quick reply! I did change the admin file in and to the best of my knowledge did not mess it up. I followed the instructions to the letter sent to me. Also, all caches were cleared.

Do you mean that some links work correctly in the admin panel and some not? Can you provide us with several examples?