Linkpoint Slow

Just this last week, transactions using Linkpoint began taking up to 90 seconds to resolve. Looking at the logs, the initial HTTP request to Linkpoint returns an “Approved” message in about 3 to 5 seconds. Two secondary, and apparently blank, requests are then sent afterward which cause the process to hang on the “Processing” screen.

Since we haven’t modified the code in any way (save theming), I’m just curious if this is a known Linkpoint issue (Global Data is just slow) or a CS-Cart Linkpoint module issue (the API has changed?).

Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t think it’s linkpoint you are having problems with.

I use linkpoint. Most of my transactions go through around 1 sec.

I ran into an issue with cscart taking like 30 secs to process an order. It cause customers to click on the process button like multiple times. One customer click on it 10 times.

I believe it was related to sendmail. cscart tries to send out confirmation emails during the complete checkout process. This isn’t ideal. Should send out confirmation emails in the background after completing the checkout process.

Anyway, how do I know it’s related to sendmail? Well, it took like 20 secs to update the order status from something like ‘processed’ to ‘canceled’.

I think cscart was waiting for exim to start up and then connect to the mail server, so it took some time.

I finally switch servers because I didn’t want to spend time configuring exim/postfix.

Now everything process within about 1 sec.

Actually, it is linkpoint. I got so many complaints that orders would not process in the past 2 moths during certain hours of the day. I switched to Haven’t had any complaints since.

My bad.

I have Don’t know why I thought I had linkpoint.

Haha… nevermind.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I have a client who is struggling with Linkpoint. I’m almost at the point where I’m going to have the ajax waiting screen do stuff to entertain the customers while they’re waiting (think: linux install style).

I am still curious if this could be a sendmail issue? Is this something I should look into?

You guys are awesome.

I don’t think it is sendmail. I’ve been on the same server for about 2 years and did not have this problem and it resolved after I switched to If you do a google search on gateway comparisons, linkpoint is known to be slower than some other processors.

Got it. Apparently, Google analytics was hanging up the process. The mysterious two Ajax calls were actually from the Google analytics plugin. Looks like client gave us the wrong number and that screwed everything up.

Wow … didn’t see that coming.