Link with auto-login for Google Analytics

I personally run 134sp3 and that doesnt come with google analytics,

also a link for this in the admin would be nice.

If you want a link that opens google analytics in a new window

with an invisible auto-login, then you need to open


go to where you would like the link to appear in the admin-menu

and there insert this line:

```php Google Analytics

Then go all the way down in this same file and paste this code there:

(dont forget to change the [COLOR=“Red”]Email[/COLOR] & [COLOR=“red”]Passwd[/COLOR] values and the [COLOR=“red”]id[/COLOR]&[COLOR=“red”]scid[/COLOR] in the end of the url. Your values will be different of course.

you can see that in the url when you are when you want the screen to open up in the future manually first)



mind that its quick&dirty, but free…