Link to signup for newsletter from my Facebook Fan Page

I want to add a link on my facebook fan page for my visitors to signup for my newsletter from our website. Does anyone know the link I would use to get them to the signup page on my website?


Nobody can help with this???

I don’t know how to do it if you use CS-carts newsletter.

You could switch to mailchimp, which is free till 2000 subscribers. Then it’s a piece of cake. And there’s a very good add-on too, at [url][/url]

If you’re serious about your newsletters this is a must have.

There’s another add-on for icontact, but I haven’t tried it. I’m sure icontact will also have something for facebook… you can see the add-on here: [url][/url]

You might try adding the following code to your addons/my_changes/controllers/customer/my_changes.php file (or create it with this content).

if( $mode == 'add_subscriber' && !empty($_REQUEST['subscriber']) ) {
db_query("INSERT INTO ?:subscribers SET email=?s, timestamp=NOW()", $_REQUEST['subscriber']);

You would then add it via al FORM that ends up calling your cart with:


Where is your domain like and is the email address of the subscriber.

This is untested and provided as an example or idea versus tested code.