Link To Product Image (Php)

Hey guys,

I try to get location of thumbnail image by PHP file. Suddenly old methods don't work so I'd ask you how to find thumb image location?

I tried this:


Not working. It' not show image location in TPL file neither PHP.

I tried also:


but I get an error: Undefined index: detailed

Print out the array and check if the path exists there





Image exist, but I don't know why I can't get this data from array:

    [pair_id] => 535
    [image_id] => 2252
    [detailed_id] => 0
    [position] => 0
    [icon] => Array
            [image_path] => /images/product/2/header_2284.jpg
            [alt] => 
            [image_x] => 173
            [image_y] => 120
            [http_image_path] => /images/product/2/header_2284.jpg
            [https_image_path] => /images/product/2/header_2284.jpg
            [absolute_path] => /images/product/2/header_2284.jpg
            [relative_path] => product/2/header_2284.jpg
            [is_high_res] => 


So correct code is


Thank you so much, it WORKS!