Link to filebrowser in TinyMCE

Does anybody know how to turn on the filebrowser for the “link” and “media” dialog boxes in TinyMCE. Currently it exists in the image dialog box (it’s the little folder icon next to the url field)?

We want to add links to downloadable documents like PDF’s and Word documents into the body of the text. Instead of having to ftp the files and then type the url, it would be great if we can just use the built in file browser, exactly like the images panel.

I am also willing to hear alternate options for adding attachments to content pages.

Thank you.

I’m almost there but stuck on the last part…

I edited the file: /lib/tinymce/plugins/advlink/link.htm so that I now have the folder button which correctly opens the file browser. But when I slect a file and click the button to ‘Select File’ it closes the file browser dialog box but does not insert the url of the file I selected into the href field.

Does anybody have an idea of how to callback the url from the file browser?

Any update on this? I would need this too, rather urgently…thanks in advance