Link the products to blog page and their videos

I need show the particular products in blog page and In that same page i will show related varieties . For this i don’t know how to link products dynamically and related varieties. Can you explain how to achieve this?

Thank you.

  • go to Design → Layouts → Blog
  • create block with necessary products
  • set global status for this block to Disabled
  • go to block settings and enable the block for specific blog post in the Status tab

@alexbranding has created a custom addon for me (abcd__pf_searches) which does that and allows for placing products based on search criteria (stock, features, category, availability etc.)

Ask them about it and they should sell it to you. Maybe if there will be bigger interest they will add some new cool features which are waiting for funding. If you want PM me and I will send you link to my site with the implementation and how it looks :wink:

also interested in this add-on. have sent you a dm

The way described by ecomlabs will display the product wherever you put the block in the layout. Rather than set the global status to disabled you actually have to deactivate it for all pages except the one you want. A disadvantage of this method is you can’t put the product in the midlle of the blog this way.

Another way to do it is embed your product within the blog.

  1. design->layouts->manage blocks
  2. select the + button to create a new block
  3. select the Products product showcase block, add and edit as follows …
  4. name the block after your product
  5. set the template field to product
  6. add the product you want to display to the content tab
  7. In your blog, wherever you want the product to display press the wand button (it’s on the editor menu bar), then add the block you just created.

The easiest way though is just to put a hyperlink to your product. Simply hit the hyperlink button in your editor (to get a link to the product just open it in another tab and copy it). The disadvantage of this method is it is just text without a picture or add to cart button.