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[size=6]External Links for CS-Cart[/size]

[color=#666666]External Links for CS-Cart is an addon allows admins to use external links to place external references at the bottom of your product listings. Place links to wikis, terms & agreements, issue tracker and/or bug request. [/color]

[color=#666666]For up-to-date installation and setup notes, visit the FAQ: [/color]http://lab.thesoftwa…art-el:mainpage


[]Download from repository

]Unzip the zip file

[]Open addons/ folder and copy the tsp-external-links to cscart install dir/addons/

]Open the basic/ folder and copy admin/ and customer/ folder to all the necessary skins INCLUDING basic

[]BUG FIX: Open the core/ folder and copy fn.database.php cscart install dir/core/


](BUG FIX for Version 3.0.5 CS-CART see


]Open CS-Cart Administration Control Panel

[]Navigate to Settings-> Addons

]Find the “The Software People: External Links for CS-Cart” addon and click “Install”

[]After Install, from the Addons listing click on Settings for “The Software People: External Links for CS-Cart”

]Update External Links settings




[]Find a product that you wish to integrate with External Links by clicking on Products → Products from the Administration Control Panel

]Once the product is opened, click on the Addons tab

[]Find the section “The Software People: External Links for CS-Cart”

]In this initial release you are able to do the following:


[]Include an external link

]Include the name of the external links




[color=#666666]Thank you for downloading the External Links for CS-Cart If you find any issues, please report them in the issue tracker on our website: [/color]http://lab.thesoftwa…acker/cscart-el[color=#666666] [/color]



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    Thank you because I surely forgot to include the link to the product initially duop!!

We've recently just recreated this for 3x customers as well!