Link From Checkout Pages Back To Cart

Version 4.2.4.

I use both Amazon checkout and PayPal express. I have to have Customers go to the cart page first. This is where the Amazon and PayPal Buttons are located.

If a customer proceeds to Checkout by accident, but wants to use Amazon, there is really not an obvious link back to the cart to do this, except for a tiny cart link in the upper right corner.

Is there a way to put a link back to the cart page that is more obvious, especially to use Amazon checkout. Maybe in a Payment Tab. And, also need this in case the cart options have to be updated since i don't see a way to do this in either the Mulch-page or one page checkout.

Just want to know if others had this issue and were able to create a work-around.

Thank you,


Isn't there a setting for always go to cart?

For Amazon payment gateway please open the app\payments\amazon_checkout.php file and replace

$amazon_order['CancelUrl'] = fn_url('checkout.cart');


$amazon_order['CancelUrl'] = fn_url('checkout.checkout');

Hope this will help.


I have checked, go to cart, first. Customer can checkout with Amazon and Paypal express. But, in case they chose the checkout button instead and go to checkout-checkout and then decided they really wanted Amazon payments there is not an obvious way to get back to the cart page from checkout.checkout. Also, during a review of their order, they may want to change an option and then have to go back to cart. Not real intuitive to click on the tiny cart in upper right hand corner to do this.