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I’ve followed thread: [url][/url] which explains an easy way to start a Link Exchange program on your site, and I’ve got as far as copying and pasting the code into the form description, but only 3 lines of the code stay saved when I update it.

I’ve tried and tried, but no joy… Does anybody have any ideas why this won’t work :confused:

I do this alot:

I have a backup folder and a www folder. Sometimes my PHP editor goes to the backup folder when I go to File → Open. Make sure you’re editing the files in your main folder that you upload from. Then upload the files using an FTP program to the same folder online. You have to be in the same folder in the program on both the local and remote sides.


I’m confused…

If I’m in ’ Form Builder’ and I want to insert some code into the ‘Form Description’, how does this relate to uploading files?

Sorry, for some reason that post was supposed to be in another thread.

My answer is that the WYSIWYG editor often changes the saved code. I still don’t understand why.


easy the limit of the table for cscart_form_description is set to varchar 255 - first thing I do with a new install is change the field to LONGTEXT no limit - problem solved - presently only allowing 255 characters to be entered

good luck

That helps.

Thanks DELTA9000,

Sorry for being a bit of a numbnut, but where do I find the cscart_form_description table where I can change the amount of characters I can enter in my form description field?

no troubles at all

open MySQL - and go to the database you created for the cs-cart install

there are about 160 tables in the list - scroll down to the cscart_form_description table

click it, and then you will see the structure for that table - click the description field and check EDIT - then change the dropdown VARCHAR value to LONGTEXT and the 255 remove all together… hit save and the table will be altered… all done…

you will probably do this via your MYSQL myadmin url or on your host some icon like Databases etc…

good luck

[quote name=‘doddles’]Thanks DELTA9000,

…“Sorry for being a bit of a numbnut,…” [/QUOTE]

Absolutely cracked me up there doddles

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All done and working a treat, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m now going to direct somebody else towards this thread because they were having the same problem… so I can actually (with your help - obviously) help somebody else for the first time!! :wink: