Link Building - Automotive / Jewelery

Open letter to all CS-Cart members :

As a majority of us are webmasters we all understand the importance of link building and so I’m opening my arms wide to sites that have visitor interests to the Automotive and Jewelery industries.

My automotive site caters for new spare parts.

Jewelery site caters for high-quality handmade… jewelery…

Obviously I’m more then happy to link to enthusiasts and crafts shops. It’s not a requirement to have your store finished or otherwise ‘posh’ however we all know that this will improve your site to begin with :wink:

If you would like your site on mine and vice versa please let me know via pm or otherwise post here if you have any queries.


Jesse-Lee Stringer

PS: Those who are wondering why I’m ‘advertising’ this:

  1. I havn’t listed my urls.
  2. Am offering a genuine opportunity to licensed CS-cart websites. Helps keep good blood in the community.

Jesse ill be definitely interested however as soon as i get a sec to sit in front of my computer closely ill ask the cscart team to create a link exchange module for me(chip is is welcome offcourse) however before ill put it in ill post it hear for people interested.

the idea behind the script is fairly simple.

link exchange attached to the admin with some sort of autoreciprocal checking.

if it exists it auto approves and if not found for x or y reason or for other special reason i can approve it manually. This offcourse said that it should be able to handle banners that need the admin approval.

Adding to that with an extension on the fact that it should have some sort of ranking that the sites that generate you the most traffic should have some sort of ranking and priority.

anyways i will post here the details in a bit and let you know and offcourse let me know what you think of the idea and offcourse if other are interested to chip in the cost and how many are interested for me to request to the customer team.



Hi chahine,

The module looks interesting however with 1.3.5 upcoming will CS be coding for the new release or the current one. Otherwise I’ll be looking forward to investigating the cost. I currently possess a rather intuitive program called IBP (Internet Business Promoter) which double checks all links back to me and notifiys me if they’ve been removed etc. Which essentially what you plan from what I see. I would love the auto approve conditioning regardless.

Thanks for posting back :smiley:

hmm that is a nice software curious of one thing is it online or installed on the computer… since i travel a lot with company computer being online would help me a lot.

ill add you to msn. if you dont mind.



[quote name=‘chahinemm’]hmm that is a nice software curious of one thing is it online or installed on the computer… since i travel a lot with company computer being online would help me a lot.[/quote] Installed to a pc.

I guess you could install it to a laptop if you require it?

yeh ill look into it because i want to see how it is as well to use it from adding to the site to removing it… approval process… ect…

i see they provide a free trial version … ill give it a shot and see if its something that i need or something else…